James Arthur
James Arthur YOU

James Arthur — YOU

Art direction and design of British singer-songwriter @jamesarthur23‘s third studio album. Self explanatory in its name, the album has a clear shift of focus from artist to the listener which is emphasised further with it’s reflective sleeve in which the person in possession can see themselves.

The mirrored sleeve is always changing and interacting with with its environment giving it a uniquely alive engaging and ever changing human quality rarely found on album artwork.

Direction & Design – Jonny CostelloCallum Barnes

Electric Supply Station — Lysergic Lapse

When the Mind leaves the dancefloor and tumbles into a myriad of reminiscence and threaded consciousness.

A collaborative short film between electronic music producer; Electric Supply Station, artist Craig Earp and motion designer Callum Barnes which explores the relationships between music, the mind and more.

Production – Craig Earp
Motion – Callum Barnes

Jorja Smith — Blue Lights (Lyric Video)

Blue lights is the debut hit single from Walsall born Jorja Smith. The track received rave reviews upon its first release in 2016 for its introspective songwriting and challenging subject matter.

Using the city as a backdrop we took the powerful lyrics and projected them in desolate urban locations resulting in an eary energy which resonates with the tracks social commentary.

Director – Jonny CostelloCharlotte Audrey
DOP/Edit – Callum Barnes

Foals — Cafe D’Athens

Cafe D’Athens is a standout piece of music from the album ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1’, by British indie band, Foals.

The track is opened and led by a distinctive xylophone loop which sets the pace for a slightly erratic, surreal and somewhat hallucinogenic edit using a mixture of found footage, botanical meltdowns and super 8 footage the band shot on tour and in the studio. 

Directors – Jonny CostelloCharlotte Audrey
Edit – Callum Barnes

Gianna Nannini — La differenza

The title track of bona fide Italian music legend Gianna Nannini‘s latest album, La Differenza. 

Shot in the south of England, this piece creates a contrast between the expansive and the personal, the constructive and destructive, by having two distinct narratives that exist together, culminating in scenes where the two threads are tied together in a reflective and cinematic way.

Director – Charlotte Audrey
Producer – Aaron Whittaker
Art Director/Editor – Callum Barnes
DOP – Olly Bharat

CLiQ — Dance on the Table

Combining CLiQ’s illustrated stick style aesthetic and a little green screen magic, we transported the track’s talent [Double S, Caitlin Scarlett and Kida Kudz] from a cozy london studio to a wild harring-esq world where a bunch of interesting scenarios are played out.

Director/Producer – Charlotte Audrey
Editor/Animator – Callum Barnes
DOP – Olly Bharat

Tiesto Boom
Tiesto Boom

Tiësto, Gucci Mane, Sevenn — BOOM

A head-to-head battle which sees the challengers [Tiesto & Gucci Mane] transported to the inside of a ghetto fabulous fairground themed pinball machine.

The surreal animated journey is played out with adult ride-ons, Belligerent bumper cars, Jetskis, and super-bike merry-go-rounds.

BABMAG — Joe Corfield

Tucked away in the unassuming surroundings of Bromsgrove lives Joe Corfield; a self-taught producer putting out loopy, sample based beats that have been stamped in wax and amassed international recognition.

BABMAG visited Joe’s family home where we met his dog Bouncer, talked the importance of self promotion and delved into the intricacies of Birmingham’s beats scene.

Producer/Editor – Callum Barnes
DOP – Olly Bharat
Photography – Matthew Manning